21+ Foods That Start With C ( Big List for 2022 )

Are you having trouble identifying foods starting with the letter C? Letter games are always fun. There are many foods you can name when it comes to food. We will be looking at foods that begin with C. This includes fruits, vegetables, and fluids. Some you may have already tried, while others are new to you. Have a look, and learn!


Foods that Start with  C #1. Cabbage

foods that start with c

Cabbage comes first in our list of dishes which starts with c food. Vegetables are a good medium to supply nutrients to the body.

Vegetables are not less than a boon for health as well as being delicious. One such vegetable is cabbage, which is available in different colours and sizes.

It is used all over the world to make a variety of delicious dishes. Along with giving taste, this cabbage can help in removing many physical problems.

Foods that Start with C #2. Cauliflower

foods that start with c

Second on our list is cabbage, which is one of the foods that start with c. There are three types of cabbage, Cauliflower, Cabbage or Cabbage and Cabbage. Cabbage is used as a medicine in Ayurveda due to its medicinal properties.

Cabbage is a vegetable that not only vegetarians but also non-vegetarians eat with great pleasure. It is eaten not only as a vegetable but also as a variety of dishes cooked and eaten.

Cabbage is generally found in the winter season. By consuming it in the winter season, along with getting relief from joint pain, gives relief from many diseases.

Foods that Start with C #3. Cardamom

foods that start with c

Small cardamom is an aromatic spice. The cardamom plant is about 10-12 feet tall, which grows throughout the year along the seashore.

It is leafy. Its leaves are green above, spear-shaped and up to two feet long.

It bears fruits like bunches. Dried fruits are known as small cardamom.

There are two types of cardamom – small and big. Due to the high medicinal value of cardamom, both are used in Ayurveda and Unani systems of medicine.

Foods that Start with C #4. Capsicum

foods that start with c

Capsicum found in red, green and yellow colours is very beneficial in terms of health. It is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, fibre and beta-carotene.

Mainly used in vegetables, noodles and garnishing, capsicum is also eaten as a salad.

Capsicum found in red, green and yellow colours is very beneficial in terms of health.

It is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, fibre and beta-carotene. Calories are negligible in capsicum, which does not increase cholesterol.

Foods that Start with C #5. Cashew

foods that start with c

Cashew is a small, about 12 m high, medium-sized mango tree-like evergreen tree.

Its branches are soft. Yellow-coloured juice or juice comes out from the bark of the cashew tree.

Cashew leaves are similar to jackfruit leaves but are fragrant. Its flowers are small, pink with stripes, yellow in colour, in which there is a white kernel, it is called cashew.

A type of liquor is extracted from the juice of its fresh fruits and oil containing black and bitter juice is extracted from the peels of the fruits. If this oil is applied to the skin, it causes blisters on skin.

Foods that Start with C #6. Cherries

foods that start with c

Red coloured fruits are a mine of cherries. It is beneficial for health, so cherries should be used every day.

Cherries are rich in carbohydrates, vitamins A, B and C, beta carotene, calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus which help our health to fight against many diseases.

Foods that Start with C #7. Carrot

foods that start with c

Carrots have a long, narrow, cylindrical cone-shaped root, but they are also found in other varieties that may be thicker and smaller in size, or that are orange, red, purple, yellow, or white in colour.

Carrots have a sweet taste and are one of the most popular versatile vegetables.

Carrots have a thick, fleshy, dark root that grows underground, and green leaves that protrude above the ground.

Carrot roots have a crunchy texture and a sweet and salty aromatic flavour, while the greens are fresh and slightly bitter when tasted.

Foods that Start with C #8. Chia Seeds

foods that start with c

Chia seeds are very small seeds, which are black and white in colour. Originally an edible seed of the plant Salvia hispanica grown in Mexico, chia seed is a nutrient-dense ingredient. Chia means strength and it gives you energy.

It is a gluten-free, nutty-like seed. The best way to eat chia seeds is to mix one tablespoon of it with 8 to 10 ounces of water or juice.

You can drink it right away, or let it sit for 10 minutes until the seeds absorb the water. It gives a wonderful feel to the drink.

Foods that Start with C #9. Clove

foods that start with c

Cloves are the unopened flower buds of the tropical shrub. It bears a 12-16 mm pointed branch and a 4-pointed flower.

Hence, it is believed that the name clove comes from the Latin word clavus which means nail.

When they are fresh, they are pink in colour and after drying they turn rusty brown in colour. Their taste can be described as sweet, pungent, pungent and very aromatic.

Foods that Start with C #10. Cinnamon

foods that start with c

Cinnamon is the inner branch of the ever-living green tree. Cinnamon is trimmed from inside out like a rolled strip.

It’s pale brown to brownish strips are often thin and the outer branch is sponge-like that has been peeled off.

Its best options are faded and look like parchment.

Cinnamon is very similar to Cassia, and it is rarely found in North America and Cassia is available in large quantities in the market.

Cinnamon is ground and its colour is pale in comparison to Cassia and its powder is soft and fine.

Foods that Start with C #12. Coconut

Coconut palm belongs to the family Arecaceae and is found in lowland, tropical and subtropical regions around the world.

Classified as a fruit, it is actually a one-seeded drupe. Coconut fruits are large and almost round. The outside is hard, medium brown in colour and has a rough, hairy surface.

Three rounded depressions are found at one end of the fruit. This fruit is used for its milk, white flesh, and liquid known as “milk”.

Coconut fruit is harvested from the tree, which lives for 70 years, producing thousands of coconuts.

The white flesh of the fruit is known as the flesh of the coconut. In the middle is coconut water which is often drunk directly from the coconut.

Coconut milk is made by boiling equal parts of water and shredded coconut flesh and then squeezing and filtering the remaining liquid.

Coconut cream is similar to coconut milk in that it contains a higher amount of coconut water (4 to 1).

Foods that Start with C #6. Calvados

Calvados is a drink made with apples from the Normandy region. Calvados was traditionally drunk between meals to stimulate appetite. It is made by juice fresh apples, fermenting them into cider and distilling the cider to make a clear brandy.

Foods that Start with C #7. Canape

If you’re curious, the food is called “can-a PAY”. A small, finger food that is made from small pieces of bread or pastry. Then, you add butter, cheese, mayo and other toppings. Although traditionally it was served just before dinner, it is now served with cocktails.

Foods that Start with C #8. Chicken

Chicken is a domestic bird that can be kept for its eggs and delicious meat. These delicious chicken nuggets are my favourite chicken dish, with Bisquick chicken pot pie second.

Foods that Start with C #9. Cheese

Cheese is made from fermented curd milk. It has a strong flavour. Cheese comes in many varieties and can be mixed with a variety of foods.

Foods that Start with C #10. Chaya

Chaya is also known as “tree-spinach” because it’s a perennial shrub that thrives throughout the year.

Foods that Start with C #11. Chapati

Chapati is a flatbread made of flour that’s baked on a griddle. It is a wonderful accompaniment to soups.

Foods that Start with C #12. Cereal

Cereal is a breakfast staple made from grains. You can use Weetabix or oats to make it.

Foods that Start with C #13. Celery

Celery, a member of the parsley family, has succulent leaves stalks. You can either eat them raw or add them to many dishes.

Foods that Start with C #14. Catfish

Catfish are common freshwater fish, particularly in North America and Eurasia.

Foods that Start with C #15. Casserole

A casserole is a food that is prepared in a casserole or large deep dish. One of our popular casseroles on this website is this delicious tater tot casserole, which your entire family will love..

Foods that Start with C #16. Cassava

This root vegetable is rich in resistant starch and other nutrients. It is a tropical plant with a sweet, nutty flavor.

Foods that Start with C #17. Carp

Carp is a deep-water, freshwater fish that can be farmed in certain parts of the globe. It can also be found in aquariums and ponds.

Foods that Start with C #18. Caraway

Caraway is a spice that they use as both a spice and herbal medicine. This dried fruit can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes.

Foods that Start with C #19. Carambola

The star fruit, Carambola, is also known as this fruit. This sweet and sour fruit is shaped like a star. Its sour flavor makes it an excellent addition to many dishes. Skin is also edible.

Foods that Start with C #20. Cappuccino

Cappuccino to get you through a long weekend. Cappuccino, a coffee made with espresso and is native to Italy. Traditionally, it was made with steamed milk foam. You can adjust the strength of the espresso, steamed milk, or foam to your liking.

Foods that Start with C #21. Cantaloupe

Are you crazy about watermelon? You will love the cantaloupe fruits if you are. It is a summer fruit that is juicy and orange, and it belongs to the honeydew and watermelon families. It is subtly sweet when paired with lots of water.

Foods that Start with C #22. Candy

Anything extra-sugary made of sugar is called candy. To create new flavours, candy is often made with nuts and fruit. After eating candy, floss your teeth and brush your teeth!

Foods that Start with C #23. Calamari

Italian for “squid”, the word refers to a deep-fried, battered appetizer made from squish. Calamari can be prepared in different ways depending on where you live.



I think you now know 21+ foods that start with C. Although the list of foods starting with C does not end here, there are many other foods that start with C. And I promise you that soon we are going to enlarge this list further.

If there is any food item in your mind that starts with C, please share it with us in the comment box below. We will try hard to add it to this list soon.

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