27+ Extraordinary Foods That Start With D

It’s fascinating to learn more about what you eat and how other people eat it. This will encourage you to try new things when it comes time to cook your own food.

You’re more likely to purchase a new vegetable or fruit at the supermarket if it’s known what it looks like, how it tastes, and what to do with it.

In this article, we’re visiting specialise in foods that start with D. We cover everything from Dragon Fruit to drum fish, expanding your knowledge of edible fruits, fish, vegetables, flowers, and even deli meat.


Foods that Start with D #1. Dragon Fruit

Foods that Start with D

Honolulu queen is also known as Dragon fruit. It is the native fruit of Central America and Southern Mexico. You can also call it pitahaya or pitaya. It is characterized by bright red skin with green scales that resemble a dragon. It is also rich in nutrients such as vitamin C, protein and calcium.

Foods that Start with D #2. Dosa

Foods that Start with D

Dosa is a crepe or thin pancake. It is South Indian. It’s made with a fermented batter, which is made up of lentils and rice. It’s very similar to a crepe.

It is usually sweetened with savoury flavours. The main ingredients are black gram and rice, which have been combined in a smooth batter with a pinch of salt and then fermented.

This is a popular South Indian dish. However, they are also very popular in other parts of India. These are usually served hot with a variety of chutneys.

Foods that Start with D #3. Dahl

Foods that Start with D

Indian cuisine has a staple dish called Dahl. It is also a staple in India, Pakistan, Burma, and Sri Lanka. It is popular in South Asia, Africa and the Middle East, as well as Caribbean countries.

It is often considered a healthy food because it is made with lentils. Dahl is typically made with red lentils. However, it can also be made with other types of lentils or with a mixture of beans and lentils.

This is one of India’s most loved dishes. It’s always vegetarian, and it often includes spices such as curry leaves, garlic cloves, ginger, and chilli peppers.


Foods that Start with D #4. Durian Fruit

Foods that Start with D

Durian fruit is best known for its strong and unpleasant smell. Some people liken the smell to mouldy cheese, while others associate it with gym socks.

It has a strong scent that is prohibited from being consumed in public areas in certain parts of the globe.

Although it is not the same as the scent, the taste is still very unique. It contains a variety of flavours, including almonds and garlic, caramel, and sometimes even a hint of cheese.

Foods that Start with D #5. Deviled eggs

Foods that Start with D

Deviled eggs can also be called stuffed eggs or Russian eggs. This recipe uses hard-boiled chicken eggs. They are then halved and shelled.

The paste is made with egg yolks and other ingredients, such as mustard and mayonnaise. It was created in Italy.

Foods that Start with D #6. Dhokar Dalna

Foods that Start with D

Dhokar Dalna, a Bengali delight, is made with fried chana daal cakes. They are then marinated in thick gravy and served with potato cubes.

This gravy is often made up of cumin seeds and hing along with red chilli paste and ginger. It’s best served with steamed white rice.

Foods that Start with D #7. Dahi Vada

Foods that Start with D

Dahi Vada, a traditional Indian snack, is one example. This popular breakfast food can also be eaten with tea or coffee.

Dahi Vada, a popular South-East Asian breakfast food, is known as the Indian subcontinent’s Dahi Vada. This is a savoury snack that involves deep-frying vadas (doughnut-shaped, deep-fried lentil dough) in curd.

Foods that Start with D #8. Dulse

Foods that Start with D

Dulse is an edible seaweed that belongs to the same family as nori and kelp. Fresh dulse tastes just like the ocean-harvested leafy leaves greens you might expect, savoury and salty.

The texture of most edible seaweed is almost rubbery. Dulse is crispy when pan-fried and adds a wonderful texture to meat and salad dishes.

Foods that Start with D #9. Dill

Foods that Start with D

Dill is a herb that can be used as a seasoning. It is part of the same family as parsley and celery. It is a sweet, grassy, and fresh-tasting herb. The seeds of the dill can be used as a spice. It is great with eggs and salads.

Foods that Start with D #10. Dandelion greens

Foods that Start with D

Dandelions were a favourite vegetable long before kale became a trendy foodie trend. They can be substituted for lettuce when young.

Young leaves have a milder taste than lettuces but can leave a bitter aftertaste. Mature leaves can be sauteed well and often served with bacon. Vitamins A, C and K are the most important vitamins in dandelion greens. They also contain iron, calcium and fibre.

Foods that Start with D #11. Duck

Ducks are hunted both for sport and food. It is greasy meat with a rich and meaty taste that is closer to chicken or turkey. It is high in protein and fat. It is also rich in iron.

Duck breast can be grilled like a steak. Even the internal organs of the duck, such as the liver, can be considered delicacies.

Duck is a common game of meat in North America. However, it’s more widely used in Chinese cuisine. Pekin Duck is a popular gourmet meal.

Foods that Start with D #12. Duff

Duff is a Bahamian dessert that’s typically made with fruit in a dough.

Guava is a popular ingredient in this dish. The fruit is folded into the dough and then boiled before it’s served with a sauce.

The most common ingredients are bruit, butter and sugar.

It is interesting to note that duff can also be used in English for pudding.

Foods that Start with D #13. Date

The Middle East is a big fan of dates. You can eat them fresh, or use them as sweeteners in cakes, confectionery and other beverages.

Dates contain a lot of sucrose with small amounts of glucose and fructose. Dates were the first dried fruit to be eaten in the Middle East. They were also used as currency.

Dates are a great source of natural sugar, vitamin, and antioxidants. They are rich in potassium, magnesium and iron as well as zinc and calcium.

Foods that Start with D #14. Drum Fish

Drum are freshwater fish caught easily in the summer months of North America. They then move to warmer, shallower water to start their spawning cycle.

Both commercially fished and sport fished, the taste and popularity of these fishes vary depending on where it was caught and how it was caught.

Although it is not a bony fish the flesh of this fish is firm. It is usually prepared by grilling and then blackening.

Foods that Start with D #15. Doubles

Doubles are popular street food in Trinidad and Tobago. It is usually eaten as breakfast but can also be eaten for lunch and late-night snacks.

This is a very popular Trinidadian hangover food.

Doubles are made from two pieces of flat fried dough, then filled with curried chickpeas or other chutneys.

This dish is believed to have been inspired by a traditional Indian dish called chole Bhature. It is made from a combination of masala and spicy chickpeas, along with a fried bread made with maida flour.

Doubles can be served sweet, spicy or savoury depending on your preference.

To give the spicy version a kick, spicy pepper sauce is often used. You can also serve it with green mango chutney.

Foods that Start with D #16. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a magical, delicious treat. It’s rich in antioxidants that have been linked with health benefits such as better heart health, lowering blood pressure, and improved cognitive performance. It tastes great!

Foods that Start with D #17. Dredge oyster

The Dredge oyster, which is native to Chile and New Zealand, is considered a speciality. Because they are susceptible to parasites, and other pathogens, they are not commonly consumed or cultivated as oyster species.

They have been protected as a species for many years. However, they are starting to recover from a severe decline in their population.

Foods that Start with D #18. Deli Meat

There are many other names for deli meats such as cold cuts, lunch meats and cold meats. These are pre-cooked, cured meats that can be sliced and then served cold.

You can have them hot or cold.

You can buy deli meats pre-sliced in vacuum bags in shops, or you can order them to be sliced at your convenience.

Pre-sliced lunch meats tend to be higher in fat, sodium, and nitrates than the majority. They are also thought to have health benefits.

Foods that Start with D #19. Demerara

Demerara sugar (also known as Barbados sugar) is a brown, coarse sugar that is named after the Demerara region of Guyana where most sugarcane is grown.

Demerara sugar can also be used in many recipes that require brown sugar. The fine crystals make it stand out from other brown sugars.

It’s often used in place of white sugar in coffee, tea, and baking recipes.

Foods that Start with D #20. Doub Palm Fruit

The Doub Palm tree, which is native to Southeast Asia, produces a unique fruit sometimes called palmyra fruit.

Each fruit is protected by an outer black husk. It grows in groups. The jelly-like seeds kernels inside have a mild tropical flavour similar to lychee fruits.

The pulp is also edible. It is very dense, sweet and rich in nutrition. Toddy, which is the tree’s sap, can also be made into a drink. It can also be fermented to make alcohol.

Foods that Start with D #21. Dagwood Sandwich

Dagwood sandwiches are tall and multi-layered. They are basically sandwiches that have been made with a variety different meats, cheeses and condiments.

Its name comes from Dagwood Bumstead, a central character of a comic strip called Blondie. He is well-known for his large sandwiches.

Although the exact contents of these sandwiches are not known, they seem to include a variety of cold cuts, sliced cheese and vegetables. The layers are separated with extra bread slices.

Foods that Start with D #22. Desert Lime

Desert Lime, a natural colourant made from cassava leaves, is a natural colourant. It has a unique, pungent smell that could be described as a mix of mint and lime. It can be described as a natural substitute for artificial lime flavourings or lime essential oils.

Foods that Start with D #23.Dory

Because the Dory fish’s flesh is delicate and light-flavoured, it is often commercially fished. John Dory is the most well-known.

White-fleshed fish is very versatile because of its firm texture and versatility.

The fish is very moist and has fine flakes that melt in your mouth. It has a sweet, almost honey-like flavor and doesn’t have a strong fishy aroma or taste.

Foods that Start with D #24. Dowdy

This dish is made with stewed apples and a crust that has been cracked halfway through cooking to allow the juices to penetrate the paste and form a soft, part-caramelized topping.

This dessert is usually made with apples. The process involves baking the product in deep dishes and topping it off with a crust. Halfway through cooking, the crust will break down into the fruit.

Although it’s not a very well-known dish you should make it.

This dessert is not easy to make if it’s your first time. This delicious baked treat is for those who like apple pie.

Foods that Start with D #25. Dewberries

Dewberries can be found in nature, such as in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.

They are light and sweet and are used often in jams, pies and other desserts. They are also excellent in savoury dishes like stews, and salads.

Foods that Start with D #26. Dolphin

Dolphin meat consumption is controversial all over the globe. It was once a staple food in many coastal countries. However, the whaling industry has decimated many communities to the point that they are at risk of extinction.

Only Japan and Peru still hunt dolphins for their food. The meat of dolphins is dense and almost black in colour.

It’s often eaten as sashimi, or deep-fried. The flavour is similar to the beef liver when cooked.

Foods that Start with D #27. Divinity

Divinity, a nougat-like treat, is usually made with egg whites, corn syrup and sugar. Other optional ingredients are possible to be added.

People love to make this dessert with chopped up dried fruits and chopped nuts.

Seafoam is created when the usual sugar is replaced by brown sugar.

Humidity can have a negative impact on the dish’s preparation and can also affect its quality.

To make the best batch of divinity, humidity must be at a level that allows the candy to dry properly.

This product contains a lot of sugar, which acts like a sponge. The candy will absorb moisture from the air if it is exposed to humidity greater than 50%.

The result will be gooey, but the product should feel dry and soft.

Foods that Start with D #28. Dijon mustard

Dijon mustard, mustard made with white wine, is often sold in paste form. The name derives from Dijon in France, where the Dijon mustard variety first appeared in the 1870s. Dijon mustard is traditionally used as a condiment and served with meats or poultry.

Foods that Start with D #29. Desert Yam

The desert yam can also be called a bush potato, which is sacred to some Australian aboriginal peoples. Although they were once a staple food, they are now considered rare and endangered.

The tubers can be found if they are large enough to grow up to the size and texture of a human’s head.

Foods that Start with D #30. Dasheen

Dasheen, a plant that has been grown for thousands of years across Asia, is known as “Daihen”.

It is an edible crop used to produce food.

You can cook them in many different ways, including roasting, frying and boiling. However, the mature leaves can also be eaten.

Young leaves can also be used in a similar way to spinach.

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I think you now know 27+ foods that start with D. Although the list of foods starting with D does not end here, there are many other foods that start with D. And I promise you that soon we are going to enlarge this list further.

If there is any food item in your mind that starts with D, please share it with us in the comment box below. We will try hard to add it to this list soon.

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