31+ Remarkable Foods that Start with E

Here are 31+ different foods that start with E. Some of our favourites include Eggplant, Egg noodles, and espresso! How many of these foods have you tried?

Some of these are very common, while others are quite unexpected. How many of these have you tried before? Let me know down below!


Foods that Start with E #1. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Foods that Start with E

Extra-virgin olive oils are made from cold-processed, purified olives. Extra-virgin olive oils must not have any taste, colour, nutrients or vitamins added.

It is made by crushing pure olives into a pulp with force alone, and not using heat or chemicals. This is how other olive oils and oils are processed. The oils are then extracted from these pressed olives.

Extra-virgin olive oils can be used for cooking, roasting meats or vegetables, as well as making salad dressings or marinades.

Foods that Start with E #2. Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are chocolate eggs, which are traditionally eaten as part of a holiday tradition. These chocolate eggs can be filled with chocolate or in different sizes.

They are usually decorated with candy or colours and hidden in different locations for children to find. They are directly related to the Easter bunny rabbit hunt and the Easter egg hunt.

You can make them in many different ways with different flavours. They are a popular part of the holiday season.

Foods that Start with E #3. Eggplant

Foods that Start with E

Eggplants are also known by the name eggplant. This purple-coloured vegetable can be used in many different dishes. It can be boiled, eaten in Italian pasta dishes or diced and deep-fried. Despite the purple exterior, the flesh of eggplants is usually white.

Because of its edible berries, eggplant is grown all over the world. Many kitchens have the most common purple, spongey, and absorbent eggplant. It is often used to cook vegetables.

Foods that Start with E #4. Egg Drop Soup

Egg drop soup is the next food starting with E. Egg Drop Soup, a Chinese soup made with wispy eggs and chicken broth is also known as egg drop soup.

Although optional, ingredients such as tofu and finely chopped scallions or tofu can be added to the soup.

Egg drop soup has approximately 30 calories per 100g serving. Each serving contains 0.8g fat, 2g protein, 5g carbohydrate, and 2g fat.

Egg drop soup has 0.2 g saturated fat per portion and 23 mg cholesterol per serving. 100g Egg Drop Soup has 665 IU vitamin B, 8 mg vitamin C and vitamin D, 2 mg iron, 8m calcium and 25m potassium.


Foods that Start with E #5. Edam

Foods that Start with E

Edam cheese is also known as queso de Bola in Spain. It is a semi-hard, circle cheese that is covered with red paraffin wax. This cheese does not spoil and will only harden as it ages, which is a good thing.

Mild Edam tastes best with fruit like peaches or apricots. While aged Edam can be enjoyed with apples and pears, it is also delicious with mild Edam. It is usually served with bread or crackers.

Edam is a good wine pairing with Pinot Gris and Chardonnay.

Foods that Start with E #6.Elk

Elk meat is tender, lean, and extremely flavorful. You only need to do a little bit of preparation and some seasonings. It is low-calorie, but high in nutrients and contains many vital vitamins and minerals.

You can buy Elk in many cuts and preparations. At a butcher, you will find flank steaks, loin chops, and rib racks.

Elk are a popular choice for hunters due to their versatile, delicious and lean meat that can be used in many different dishes.

Foods that Start with E #7. Egg Fruit

Foods that Start with E

The egg fruit is a type of fruit that is native to Central America and southern Mexico. The fruit is round in shape and bright yellowish.

This fruit’s unique flavour is what gives it its name. It tastes like egg custard. It is often used to top cakes and other sweet desserts. You can eat it raw or cooked, and you can make jam or jelly from it.

Foods that Start with E #8. Enchiladas

Enchiladas: These enchiladas are bursting with Mexican flavour. You can spice them up with some Mexican frying cheese or some hot peppers.

When fried, the enchilada shells are rich in oil. You can make enchiladas for game night or during the Super Bowl.

Foods that Start with E #9. English Muffin

Foods that Start with E

English Muffin is one of the most delicious foods that begin with E. English muffins can be eaten for breakfast, but sometimes breakfast is not complete without them.

You can serve them sweetened with butter, jelly or honey or with eggs and Dutch sauce.

For a quick breakfast, toast an English muffin in your toaster.

English muffins differ from American muffins in that they use yeast to lift the muffins. They are also more popular in America than in England.

Foods that Start with E #10. Egg Noodles

Egg noodles are made from egg and flour. It is usually served with butter, cream sauce or beef stroganoff.

Egg noodles are very popular in Asian cuisine. They’re also used in many other dishes.

The spaetzle is a German version of egg noodles. It is also known as the kesme in Turkey. It is also known as the lokshen in Jewish cuisine.

Foods that Start with E #11. Escabeche

Foods that Start with E

Escabeche, an exotic food most people have never heard of, is a delicious and unusual dish. It’s a cold fried fish, which is marinated in olive oil.

Before being served, the fish is allowed to soak in either vinegar or citrus juice. This same process can be used for vegetables.

Escabeche is traditionally made from fish but can be made with meat. It is a dish that involves meat or fish being cooked in an acidic sauce.

This sauce often contains vinegar and is then coloured with pimento and infused with citrus zest and other fragrant spices.

Foods that Start with E #12. Eggnog

Eggnog is a drink closely linked to Christmas and the holiday season. It is traditionally served at Christmas. It is made of milk, sugar, egg, alcohol, nutmeg and vanilla.

There are many options, and the spices can be modified to suit your taste. It is rich and creamy, and best served warm as a dessert.

In the United States and Britain, it is traditionally drunk by families the night before Christmas.

Foods that Start with E #13. Elbow macaroni

Foods that Start with E

Although it is less well-known than its bigger cousins, elbow macaroni makes a great lunch dish. It makes a great meal for those who don’t have the time or patience to cook. Cook the macaroni noodles according to package instructions in a saucepan of boiling water.

Foods that Start with E #14. Eggs

The egg is our next food that begins with E. Eggs are a staple food and can be baked or processed in many ways.

Eggs are often eaten for breakfast. They can be poached or fried and scrambled. You can also eat them with toast, hash browns and bacon.

Many sweet treats are made with eggs. There’s no end to the possibilities! Eggs are usually used to cook chickens. However, eggs can also be used to make quail eggs and duck eggs. It is not surprising that eggs are included in our food list beginning with E.

Foods that Start with E #15. Elderberry

Foods that Start with E

The Elderberry is our next food that begins with E. Elderberries are bluish-purple fruits that can be used as dietary supplements in tea or juice. The berries can be diluted to make water redder, which makes them a great colour addition for other products.

Elderberries can be poisonous so make sure to cook them properly. They can cause diarrhoea, cramps, vomiting, or even nausea. However, they are safe to eat when cooked.

Foods that Start with E #16. Ensaimada

Ensaimada is our next food that begins with E. Ensaimada, which is Spanish for sweet bread, is made from mother dough, flour and eggs.

You can eat the bread as it is or add sweet fillings like custard, pumpkin, chocolate, and custard.

There are no restrictions on how to serve ensaimada. You can also add apricot jam, powdered sweetener, or even shredded cheese.

Foods that Start with E #17. Eclair

Foods that Start with E

Eclair is a French dessert made in an oval shape. Eclairs are filled with cream and decorated with chocolate icing. They’re the perfect cake for young pastry chefs who want to impress guests.

Foods that Start with E #18. Egg Salad

Egg Salad is our next food that begins with E. Summer picnics are a staple for egg salad sandwiches. You can make a delicious sandwich by mixing a few pieces of egg salad with two slices of wheat bread.

Watermelon and freshly squeezed Lemonade are the perfect summer accompaniments.

You can boil your eggs ahead of time so you have enough time to cut them and combine them with mayonnaise before packing them in the picnic basket.

Foods that Start with E #19. Eel

Foods that Start with E

The Eel is our next food that begins with E. The eel is a great alternative to the snail if you love it and are looking for something slimy.

You can also eat eel with other marine foods. Eel is a good choice for cooking and can be combined with ginger, soy sauce, and wasabi. You can wrap it in sushi.

Foods that Start with E #20. Emmental

Emmental, a Swiss cheese with a medium-hard texture, is from the same region. It is used in fondue along with Gruyere and has a mild, savoury flavour.

Its sizeable holes were once seen as flaws and the makers tried to eliminate them as much as possible. It’s now a distinctive quality that makes them stand out!

Foods that Start with E #21. Elephant Ears

Foods that Start with E

This does not mean that actual elephant ears are being used! Canada’s carnival snack, elephant ears, is a favourite. This yeast dough is deep-fried until it is crisp and golden on the outside and then sprinkled with powdered sugar.

This treat is named after the shape of the dough once it has been deep-fried. It looks very much like an elephant’s ear!

Foods that Start with E #22. Emblic

The Malacca tree is the source of the emblic, a native Indian fruit. It is often called the Indian Gooseberry. It is round in form and has a yellowish-yellow colour.

Although the fruit is bitter, it has many health benefits! This fruit is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities, which makes it a great choice for improving your immune system.

Foods that Start with E #23. Empanadas

Foods that Start with E

The beloved empanada is a delicious, folded dough dish. It can be filled with sweet or savoury fillings. Many people prefer empanadas made with meat, vegetables, and a little sauce.

You can also make them with sweetened fruit fillings. This makes them look like miniature pies.

An empanada with vanilla ice cream and some bread will make your guests return for more at a large dinner party.

Foods that Start with E #24. Escargot

You can find an escargot dish in trendy French restaurants if you look at the hors-d’oeuvres.

Ask your server about the contents of this curry and you will be shocked to learn that escargot is the French term for snail. It’s also a literal translation. It’s a horrible sight! If you are brave enough to order fewer escargots, there are real snails you will see on your plate.

Escargots (IPA) is a dish that’s made of fried edible land snails. They can also be used as hors-d’oeuvres, and are enjoyed by French people, as well as people from France, Great Britain and Italy.

The shells of the snails are not used for roasting. Instead, chefs remove the shells from the snails and fry them. For a nice display, the snail is placed back in its shell.

Foods that Start with E #25. Erbazzone

Erbazzone can be described as a savoury pie. It is made up of two pieces of puff pastry that are stuffed with spinach, chard, eggs and bacon. The puff pastry is baked, sliced, and then served.

Erbazzone originates from Emilia and is usually served during the summer months.

You can make your own puff pastry if you don’t have ready-made puff pastry. This dough is called pasta matta.

Foods that Start with E #26. Emmenthaler

Emmenthaler, a type of Swiss cheese, is one example. This cheese is made with cow’s milk and has a firm texture.

It also has large holes that run through its entire body. This is what makes it distinctive and easily identifiable. It has a slightly fruity, rich flavour. This is a great choice for cheese platters and sandwiches.

Foods that Start with E #27. Escarole

Escarole might be a good choice if you are interested in trying different vegetables and love salads.

Although it is not a leafy green that is known for being bitter, Escarole is a great addition to salads made mainly of head lettuce. Escarole has a pungent flavour that makes most salads more interesting.

Foods that Start with E #28. Eggo Waffles

Eggo Waffles is one of the food foods that begin with E. Eggo is a frozen waffle brand owned by Kellogg Company and distributed in North America.

There are many variations available: home-style, mini, blueberry, cherry and vanilla bliss.

To make Eggo waffles, heat the butter and syrup in a toaster until they are warm.

To add flavour to your Eggo waffle, you might use strawberry jelly or another marmalade.

Foods that Start with E #29. Entrecote

Entrecote, a French term for a premium cut beef used in steak preparations, is called. It is the centre-fillet and is made from the sirloin. It is the front of the animal and should be tender and marbled. Entrecote can be used for grilling or frying.

Entrecote is considered rib eye steak if it has the ribs still attached. Entrecote can also be called Scottish fillet, or Cote de Boeuf. This premium meat is very expensive.

Foods that Start with E #30. Emu Apple

The native fruit of Australia is the emu Apple, also known as native cranberry.

It is rare and hard to find. It is small and round and can be found in a mixture of red and green.

Its name means that it tastes just like an apple unless the apple is very sour. Although the taste is not for everyone, it’s worth trying if you have the opportunity.

Foods that Start with E #31. Endive

Endive is a nutritious vegetable, rich in vitamins. It is low in calories and can help you lose weight.

Vitamin K is found in endive, which can help regulate blood sugar and prevent diabetes.

It’s also a good source of vitamin A. Vitamin K & A make this one of the best foods for pregnant women.

People are increasingly conscious of their health and fitness. They want to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Endive is a vegetable that has many health benefits and it’s hard to forget when you dream about food.

Although everyone should know about this amazing vegetable, Endive is often overlooked.

Foods that Start with E #32. Earth Nut

Peanuts are the most well-known food in the world. Peanuts are a popular snack that can be roasted, salted or eaten whole in a peanut shell.

Peanuts can be used in many different dishes. They are delicious and sweet and fit within the food group that begins with the letter E.

Groundnut, also known as Earthnut, is a small, oval-shaped nut that’s wrapped in a thick fibre shell. They have a distinctive, crunchy flavour and high oil content.

It is part of the same family as Soya, Soya, lentils and Soya. It is part of the legume family that originated in South America.

It can be grown all over the globe, but it is most popular in India. Some of the traditional names for earthnuts include peanuts, groundnuts and goobers.

Groundnuts are underground ripened and produced by self-pollinating. The earthnuts can then be dried or used directly for cooking.

Peanut butter is a popular way to enjoy earth nuts. Other products include peanut butter, milk, flour, or powder.

You can add earth nuts to many recipes such as cookies, chips and desserts.

It is a key ingredient in many Indian dishes, used as a garnish, chutney, or snack bar. Raw peanuts are more nutritious than other goods.

Foods that Start with E #33. Espresso

Espresso is a single shot coffee that is usually made with a coffee maker. It is traditionally Italian and thickened and concentrated to make a strong coffee drink.

It’s a popular choice for coffee, especially when you need to get your daily dose of caffeine.

You can make it with different beans, and there are a few variations so that you can get the espresso of choice!



I think you now know 31+ foods that start with E. Although the list of foods starting with E does not end here, there are many other foods that start with E. And I promise you that soon we are going to enlarge this list further.

If there is any food item in your mind that starts with E, please share it with us in the comment box below. We will try hard to add it to this list soon.

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