33+ Best Foods that Start with F (Best List of 2022)

Here are 33+ different foods that start with F. Some of our favourites include falafel, fish, and Feijoa! How many of these foods have you tried?

Some of these are very common, while others are quite unpredictable. How many of these have you tried before? Let me know down below!

So let’s start…

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Foods that start with f #1. Fennel

foods that start with f

You can eat the entire fennel plant, so there will never be any leftovers. Wait. Wait. Is it a vegetable?

It’s both. Fennel is sometimes described as being “anise-flavoured”, so it might not suit you if you don’t like liquorice sticks.

Some people, however, find the flavour delicate and mild when eaten fresh.

Foods that start with f #2. Fedelline

Fedelline pasta is another thin type. It is lighter than vermicelli. Pasta is an Italian dish you can use to make incredible recipes.

You might like this pasta recipe. Flageolet, a French bean with light-coloured seeds, is a type. They can be baked or stewed to suit your taste.

Foods that start with f #3. Fenugreek

foods that start with f

Fenugreek belongs to the Fabaceae plant family. It has a distinct maple syrup flavour and subtle bitterness.

This plant is an important ingredient in many Indian dishes, including methi dal (stew), aloo methi [Indian curry], and sprouted Fenugreek Salad.

Foods that start with f #4. Farina

Farina, a type of baked flour product, is made from toasted wheat flour and other ingredients. It is then cooked in boiling water until it becomes thick and soft.

It’s known by many names, including Cream of Wheat, Farina and Farine Grits as well as Party, Johnnycakes and simply porridge.

Farina was a popular colonial American food, ranking third on the list of breakfast cereals, behind only Indian corn, and oatmeal.

Farina can still be enjoyed today, particularly in the South. Farina is often added to meals, and sometimes it’s served with honey, sugar, or molasses.

Foods that start with f #5. Falafel

foods that start with f

It is one of the most confusing foods in history! What does it contain? Falafel! This is a deep-fried ball or a patty made with ground chickpeas.

This is a traditional middle-eastern dish, but it has been more popular in this part of the world with the addition of ethnic restaurants and other options.

Foods that start with f #6. fishpaste

As the name implies, fishpaste is a paste made from either shellfish or fish. This paste can be used to season or add flavour to any dish.

Fillet can be used to complement a meal. Fillet is a boneless steak made from tenderloin beef.

You can fry them or bake them as you like. You can serve it with rice or other vegetables. Funnels are bulbs with stem bases and can be eaten raw or cooked.

Foods that start with f #7. Focaccia

foods that start with f

In texture and appearance, this flatbread from Italy is very similar to a pizza base.

But, focaccia is different. It’s baked immediately, while pizza is made after it has been flattened.

Focaccia can be enjoyed as a side dish and can be topped up with fresh tomatoes, garlic, rosemary, goat cheese and goat’s cheese.

Foods that start with f #8. Fengyuan eggplant

Fengyuan eggplant belongs to the Solanaceae nightshade family. The eggplant is long and thin in size and has a mild, sweet flavour when cooked. This eggplant is great for roasting, grilling, baking, and stewing.

Foods that start with f #9. Fastnacht

foods that start with f

Fastnacht, a traditional German breakfast food, is served on Ash Wednesday mornings. Fastnacht can be considered an early version of the Easter pancake because it’s eaten before Lent begins.

Fastnacht is almost identical to the American Pancake. However, Fastnacht uses buttermilk instead of milk and the batter is filled instead with apples and cinnamon.

Foods that start with f #10. Feta

Cheese! There are so many varieties and flavours. One type of Greek cheese is feta. Feta cheese is an integral part of any Greek Salad or Wrap. It is made with sheep’s or goat’s milk, which is the most fascinating part.

Foods that start with f #11. Fettuccini

foods that start with f

Fettuccini pasta in a thin, flat-cut type of pasta. These can be used to create delicious dishes such as chicken alfredo and fettuccini pasta.

Fenugreek is a consumable seed that can be used to season foods, particularly when making curry.

Figs are a fruit that is either purple or yellow in colour. When ripe, they are sweet and can be eaten fresh.

These fruits are rich in nutrients that can promote healthy digestion and lower the risk of developing heart disease. It is recommended that you eat them often.

Foods that start with f #12. Fava Beans

The fava bean, also known throughout Europe as a “broad bean”, is a flowering pea and bean plant of the Fabaceae family.

They have been around for millennia. They are thought to have been part of the eastern Mediterranean diet before 6000 BCE.

They are now widely used and can be enjoyed in soups, salads and even as a healthy snack.

Foods that start with f #13. Feijoa

foods that start with f

Feijoa, also known as pineapple guava or pineapple guava is a fruit that is derived from Acca sellowiana, a small tree/shrub in the myrtle family.

It is most common in northern Argentina, southern Brazil, western Paraguay and Uruguay. You can eat the pulp and flesh of this fruit raw in desserts, pies and fritters.

Foods that start with f #14. Field Pepperweed

One of the most versatile legumes around is the field pea. They are traditional African food. However, they are now a staple crop in the south and can be used in many recipes. They are also called cowpeas and field beans.

Foods that start with f #15. Figs

foods that start with f

It is one of the most fascinating fruits, and it is also part of the mulberry tree.

Figs are a plant that has been around since antiquity and was one of the first to be cultivated by humans.

Here’s a statistic: 1.14 million tonnes of fruit were grown in the world in 2018.

Foods that start with f #16. Fish

There are many types of fish. Some can be cooked, while others can be eaten raw as sushi. The rich nutrients found in marine vertebrates, such as omega-three, aid in the development and growth of the human body.

You can use many different styles when you cook. There are many ways to cook a dish. It all depends on what you like and how much you enjoy cooking.

Foods that start with f #17. French Onion Soup

foods that start with f

The French origin of classic french onion soup is in the 18th Century. It has been a popular starter around the globe ever since.

A similar version was however popular in Ancient Rome more than 8,000 years ago!

Slowly cooked with caramelized onions, this comforting dish turns mellow and sweet in a broth laced with white wines and Cognac.

Foods that start with f #18. Fairchild tangerine

Fairchild tangerine is a mix of Clementine mandarin, Orlando tangelo and Clementine mandarin. Although it is smaller than other oranges, the Fairchild tangerine has a sweet and rich flavour. It can be used in salads, desserts and main dishes.

Foods that start with f #19. Filbert

foods that start with f

Filbert is a kind of hazelnut. It is named after the shape of its nuts. The nut grows in clusters similar to a bunch of grapes. After the outer nut is removed, the nut becomes thin and soft inside.

They are most commonly used in desserts but they can also be used in savoury dishes or blended with other ingredients like peanut butter or coffee.

Foods that start with f #20. Flank Steak

A good steak is a must-have for meat lovers. Flank steak refers to a cut of beef that is taken from the lower chest or abdominal muscles of the steer.

You can grill, pan-fry, or broil it. It can also be eaten as jerky if you don’t want to cook a steak.


Foods that start with f #21. Ford hooks

Ford hooks make the most substantial lima beans. These are bush-type plants that produce large yields. It is easy to cook lima beans. Simply put the dried beans in a saucepan and allow them to simmer for approximately 3 hours.

Then add the hambone or leftovers ham to the pot and let it simmer for an hour. Once the seeds have made their own broth, they can be flavoured with the leftover ham. That’s it!

Foods that start with f #22. Flounder

Flounder can be described as a flatfish that comes in many sub-species.

These fish are not very popular, due to the fact that it is difficult to clean, fillet and prepare.

However, flounder is a delicious white fish that is high in healthy protein and fatty acids.

Foods that start with f #23. Fricandeau

Fricandeau can be described as a dish that is made with beef loin or veal and which is being braised, roasted, or larded.

This recipe can be accompanied by potatoes or other vegetables such as grilled asparagus. You can substitute pork or other meats if you run out of veal.

Foods that start with f #24. Finger Millet

foods that start with f

The seeds of finger millet are edible and can be used to make flour. The mature kernels are removed from the plant and cleaned. After drying, the food is stabilized.

You can buy finger millet year-round in canned and dried forms. It is also used in many Asian and Indian cuisines.

You can eat the seeds like wheat or rice and make a variety of bread, porridges, and cakes from them. They can also be ground into millet flour, which is used to make flatbreads and pancakes.

Foods that start with f #25. Fondant

Fondant: What is it? You may be able to savour fondant’s definition, or at least squeal a bit if you’re able to read it. Fondant is a soft cream preparation of sugar, water and flavourings that’s used in candies or icings.

Make sure to impress your friends and family next time you visit them by making a delicious cake or creating fun fondant designs.

Foods that start with f #26. Fox Grape

Fox Grape is a woody plant that produces fruits that are rich in flavonoids, which help lower blood pressure.

They increase blood fluidity. It relaxes your artery walls to increase blood circulation and lower pressure.

They maintain healthy tissues. It stops DNA mutations. It is a must-have if you want to be healthy and maintain overall wellbeing.

Foods that start with f #27. Filet Mignon

Filet mignon, despite its high price tag, is a tender cut of steak. The meat is very limited in availability, so it’s full of nutrients.

You can enjoy it at fancy restaurants and extravagant home dates nights. It requires little to no seasoning because of its delicious juices. Filet mignon is sometimes called “beef tenderloin”.

Foods that start with f #28. Fruitcake

The holiday season is a great time to enjoy fruitcakes. It is a family favourite and a crowd-pleaser.

Traditional fruit cakes are made primarily from dried fruit, citrus zest, candied ginger, and rum-soaked. To enhance the flavour and texture, you can add a light apricot glaze to the cake or whole pecans.

29. Flatwoods Plum

Flatwoods plum is a hybrid plum variety that was developed by West Virginia University and patented by them. It makes an excellent jam.

Its flesh is sweet and juicy, with a similar flavour to apricots.

Flatwoods plum is a hybrid of the Shiro plums and Satsuma plums, which are both popular in Japan and the USA.

Foods that start with f #30. Frappuccino

You can simply combine a milkshake with a cappuccino! Starbucks actually owns the trademark for Frappuccino! It’s true!

They bought The Coffee Connection in 1994, and also acquired the rights to Frappuccino.

Now you’re all set! You may be able to ditch your coffee routine by going to your local Starbucks and getting a Frappuccino.

Foods that start with f #31. Frangipane

Frangipane, velvety almond cream with a hint of vanilla flavour, is made. Vanilla adds richness and texture to the pastry.

You can use this cream in many different ways. This cream can be used to make pastries, tart fillings, or cakes. This cream can be made with the Bakewell tart as a base.

This pastry shell is made with jam, flaked almonds and frangipane. The conversation tart is made with puff pastry and drizzled with icing.

Foods that start with f #32. Fiddleheads

Fiddleheads, despite their name sounding a bit odd, are just new shoots from several types of edible Fern that can be harvested as a vegetable.

It looks like a spiral when it is scrolled up. They can also forage in the wild in some parts of the U.S. and Canada. This is where they are most often eaten.

Foods that start with f #33. Frittata

Frittata, an Italian dish, is made mostly from eggs, seasoned vegetables and cheese. Frittata is slow-cooked over low heat. It is not like an omelette which can be cooked quickly at high temperatures. Frittata can be used for brunches, and it is easy to feed large numbers.

Foods that start with f #34. Florina Pepper

Florina pepper is a pepper used to enhance flavour in food. It is often used in the Mediterranean, and is the “queen of peppers”.

It’s sweeter than regular peppers but less spicy than normal. It has a bright red colour and a flavour that can best be described as earthy.

Foods that start with f #35. French fries

It is still a debate: where were French fries first discovered? They’re a favourite fast food around the globe, regardless of where they were discovered.

These options will make your taste buds sing if French fries aren’t enough. You can add your favourite spices to make these fries even more delicious!

Foods that start with f #36. Frappe

Frappe refers to delicious fruit-flavoured cakes. It is easy to make the cake as all you need is flaky dough, rolled thinly.

To get the perfect roll, you can use a pasta machine. They can be fried to enhance their flavour.

You can drizzle them with chocolate that has been melted, or you can drizzle it with powdered sugar. Both can be done and they will still taste great.

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Last Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed my list of 33+ top foods that start with F. If you have any food letters or topics that you’d like me to write about, please let me know in my comments. I will do my best to accommodate it as soon as possible. We appreciate your time!

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