17+ Best Foods that Start with U [ Amazing List ]

Perhaps you have ever tasted foods starting with U and you are wondering if there are any other foods that start with U. If there are really such foods, what can be their names?

So guys, good news for you because I have added 17+ such foods that start with U in this post today.

With which you will be able to know which U foods are there, which you must definitely test.

So let’s start without any delay, know which are the 17+ foods that start with U.


17+ Foods that Start with U

Foods that Start with U

You may be aware of the foods that start with U shared in today’s post, but there are some foods in this list that are going to be completely new for you. And after reading about them, you will definitely consider trying them.

Foods that Start with U #1. Ugni Fruit

Our first food that starts with U is called Ugni molinae. It is the fruit of Ugni, which is found mainly in the areas of Chile and Argentina.

It is often called the Chilean guava, the New Zealand cranberry (when it is cultivated in New Zealand), or the fresh berry.

It is a small purple, red or white coloured berry. It is mainly used in sweet dishes and to prepare the traditional chilli liqueur Furtado.

Foods that Start with U #2. Urda Cheese

Foods that Start with U

Urda may be a form of traditional whey cheese whose recipe has been passed from generation to generation in most households.

It is common within the Balkans region, particularly Romania, the Pirot region of Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Hungary.

The cheese is formed by heating the whey resulting from the draining of any form of cheese. In Romania, Cas or Telemea cheese is reprocessed to create Urda cheese.

The procedure is comparable thereto of creating Ricotta. it’s often moulded to the form of a half-sphere.

The paste is grainy, silky and amazing to taste. In Romanian cooking, Urda is usually wont to make desserts like clătită and plăcintă.

Foods that Start with U #3. Umbuzada

Umbuzada or Umbuzada could be a drink from the Northeast of Brazil, and it’s especially popular in Bahia.

It’s made with milk, sugar, and therefore the Brazilian plum called umbu or imbu. The beverage is characterized by its a bit acidic flavour.

Foods that Start with U list #4. Ulluco

Foods that Start with U

Ulluco could be a plant grown primarily as a vegetable, secondarily as a leaf vegetable. The ulluco is one of all the foremost widely grown and economically important root crops within the Andean region of South America, second only to the potato.

it’s known there with the common name of papa lisa, but also by the regional names melloco, olluco, chugua or ruba, among others.

The leaf and therefore the tuber is edible, almost like spinach and therefore the potato, respectively. they’re known to contain high levels of protein, calcium, and carotene.

Papalisa were utilized by the Incas before the arrival of Europeans in South America.

Foods that Start with U #5. Urchin

While it should seem strange to eat the spiny and seemingly dangerous echinoderm, it’s actually considered a delicacy in many parts of the planet.

People in Japan, Chile, the Mediterranean, and even the geographical region of u. s., regularly enjoy this unique and savoury seafood.

Sea urchins are enjoyed in a form of ways—both raw and in prepared dishes.

Due to their delicate taste, they’re best served with foods that have a neutral flavour, like pasta or toast.

But how exactly does it taste? people who have tried one often have a difficult time describing the taste.

It has a sweet, yet subtle, fresh-from-the-ocean flavour and is commonly compared to oysters.

Foods that Start with U #6. Ume

Foods that Start with U

Ume plums grow on large deciduous trees and are preceded by extremely fragrant huge pink blossoms.

The young bright green plums first appear within the early spring and aren’t any bigger than a ball.

At this stage, they’re very hard and incredibly sour, considered virtually inedible, and known to cause intense stomach pains if eaten raw.

Later within the season, the tiny fuzzy fruits will ripen to a golden yellow with blushes of peachy pink.

Though they’re technically edible when fully mature, they’re still quite bitter and dry compared to common plums or apricots.

Foods that Start with U #7. Umbricelli Pasta

A strand of pasta produced within the Umbria province of Italy that’s frequently considered to be a thicker version of spaghetti.

Thick and chewy, umbricelli pasta is traditionally made with a dough that doesn’t include eggs, being prepared mainly with water and Triticum durum flour, making it more compressed and harder to knead.

Heavier inconsistency, it’s a sort of pasta that goes well with heartier sauces like a thick tomato, a white sauce with mushrooms, or an earthy truffle sauce.

Umbricelli is additionally the name given to short lengths of pasta that are rolled across its width, with either side rolled within the wrong way.

The rolled length is then slightly twisted. This pasta is within the shape of an “S” when viewed from the tip.

it’s like strozzapreti and casarecci only different long. Umbricelli is approximately 1 3/4 inches long.

Foods that Start with U #8. Umble Pie

Foods that Start with U

Umbles are the meaty parts of a beast’s pluck – the centre, liver, kidneys and lungs – usually of a deer, but also of other animals.

It is not in the slightest degree clear whether the phrase “to eat humble pie” meaning “to be very submissive” (OED) is in any way connected, apart from within the sound of the words, to ‘Umble Pie.

There is a piece of often-repeated advice that Umbles were lower-class foods, so anybody who ate a pie of them was a humble and inferior person.

This sounds plausible today once we disdain offal and sell it off cheap, but kidneys, tripe and therefore the rest were sometimes thought to be amongst the foremost prized bits – as you’ll see from the receipts here which adorn them with costly spices way beyond the reach of the standard.

‘Umble’ seems to come back, via Norman French, from the Latin ‘lumb’ meaning ‘loins’, whereas ‘humble’ comes from ‘humilem’, meaning ‘lowly’.

I fancy it’s just a coincidence that we’ve ended up with two different words which look almost identical.

Foods that Start with U #9. Ukrainian Paska

Paska could be a special dish prepared in Ukraine for Easter. This sweet bread is sometimes taken to church to be blessed on Easter morning.

The classic paska form is cylindrical, with smooth frosting and sprinkles on top. it’s made with yeast, milk, eggs, butter, and sugar.

Cheese paska is formed from farm cheese, and its shape imitates the Tomb of Jesus.

Foods that start with the letter U #10. Udon Noodles

Foods that Start with U

Udon is chewy Japanese noodles made of flour, water, and salt, typically present in a truly simple dashi-form broth.

They’re thicker than buckwheat soba noodles—typically two to four millimetres—and are often either flat or rounded. Udon dough will be difficult to knead, and a few swear by stomping on the dough to relax it.

The prior iteration of udon noodles likely begin in China and was initiate in Japan during the Tang dynasty (618–907 CE).

The original udon may are closer to a dumpling than a noodle, and in some parts of Japan, udon continues to be turned over squares instead of the long strands that became standard by the first fourteenth century.

Traditionally made the reception, udon began to be sold in speciality stalls after the recognition of business within the seventeenth century.

Today, udon is eaten throughout Japan but especially within the south, from Osaka to Kyushu.

Foods that Start with the Letter U #11. Urfa Biber

Urfa Biber (Capsicum annum), also called isot pepper, could be a hot pepper named after the southeastern Urfa region of Turkey.

These Turkish chile peppers are kind of like their Syrian relative, Aleppo pepper (pul Biber), but much larger—about the scale of bell pepper.

Like Aleppo pepper, Urfa Biber undergoes a sun-drying process that preserves its oil content, making it a perfect condiment for Turkish cuisine.

Unlike red pepper flakes, Urfa peppers ripen to dark maroon and, once restored, are so dark that the resulting chile flakes are frequently shouted “black pepper.”

Urfa pepper’s dark colour belies its flavour profile: edible fruit, coffee, chocolate. Urfa biber is extremely hot.

Foods that Start with the Letter U #12. Ugali

This unique, polenta-like dish could be a Tanzanian favourite, traditionally served for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Made by rolling a little little bit of creamy, thick cornmeal paste (made from cooked white maize) during a hand until it forms into a ball, and making an indentation in it with a thumb, ugali becomes an edible spoon that’s often dipped into various stews and sauces.

The sign of a decent ugali is that it doesn’t keep on with your fingers. the full thing is typically dipped in a very savoury sauce, then placed within the mouth for consumption.

Ugali is over just a taste, it’s a food culture in itself. This dish is sometimes served with whatever meat is on the market, mashed vegetables, stews, or sour milk.

Found throughout Africa, it’s not just a Tanzanian dish: in South Africa, it’s called pap, in Zimbabwe, sadza, and in Zambia, it’s called nshima.

no matter the name, its popularity as an African dish is unrivalled.

Foods that Start with U #13. Ube

The ube could be a purple yam originally from the Philippines. It’s essentially a blazing purple sweet potato with an excellent sweeter, more mellow trial than its orange comparative with a fairly nutty, vanilla taste.

It’s popularly utilized in desserts in Filipino cuisine, often boiled and so mashed with milk.

Ube is commonly confused with Taro, another similar vegetable, but the 2 are distinct.

Taro is usually utilized in savoury dishes, while ube, while it will be cooked with savoury spices, is more commonly utilized in sweets.

Foods that Start with the Letter U #14. Urad dal or beans

Urad dal, also called Split Black Gram, is one of every one of the famous lentils employed in the southern part of Asia, especially in Indian cuisine.

Wealthy in carbohydrates, fat and protein, urad dal is brimming with many health benefits.

Moreover, urad dal is one of the richest sources of proteins and B vitamin, and is additionally beneficial for girls, and you why you ask?

this straightforward lentil is stuffed with iron, folic acid, calcium, magnesium and potassium, which makes this dal an ideal health package for pregnant women.

apart from its health benefits, urad dal is additionally known to please everyone’s taste palettes.

Urad dal is straightforward to arrange and might be eaten as an entremets also.

it’s also extensively employed in various culinary preparations like dosa, papad and vada.

Urad dal is incredibly nutritious and is additionally employed in ayurvedic medicines. The ayurvedic term for urad dal is ‘Masha.’

There are many health benefits of split black gram including its ability to help in digestion, boost energy, improve skin health and lots of others.

Foods that Start with U #15. Umeboshi

Umeboshi may be a Japanese name for pickled plum with salt, also called salted plum or umeboshi plums.

Ume means ume fruits, which are called plums but more near apricots, and boshi means dried.

So it’s literally means dried ume fruits. the scale and colour vary. Some are large, soft, wrinkly and red, some are tiny, crunchy, with no wrinkles and pinkish red.

Umeboshi literally means ‘salt plums’ in Japanese. The ‘ume’ could be a style of plum that grows in Japan, China and Korea, and appears more like an oversized apricot than the purple plums of the united kingdom.

Once picked, they’re smoked, dried, pickled, fermented or salted and used throughout the year as a flexible ingredient.

By pickling the plums in salty brine, the fruit will be preserved for years, while retaining all its nutrients and unique flavour.

you’ll be able to even eat the stones because the pickling process makes them soft enough to bite through.

Foods that Start with U #16. Unagi eel

Unagi, the Japanese eel, is a very important part of Japanese cuisine, and quite tasty when marinated and grilled.

it’s also a mostly nutritious fish, and also the health benefits of unagi are numerous.

If you’ve ever patronized a sushi restaurant, you almost certainly noticed that several of the sushi rolls contain an ingredient called “unagi” — better called Japanese eel.

Although an eel may closely resemble a snake, it is, in fact, a kind of fish/ And it’s a quite tasty one!

It’s okay if initially, you’ve got a natural aversion to the thought of eating eel — many folks, even avid sushi lovers, tend to back removed from unagi.

this is often a shame because after you see the particular eel dish, it resembles just another piece of fish.

And once you taste the soft yet firm meat of unagi, you’ll likely change your whole stance on eating eel.

Foods that Start with U #18. Upma

Upma may be a flavorful South Indian breakfast dish made up of Rava or cream of wheat.

This customary dish requires cooking roasted rava in water that has been flavoured with ghee (or oil), cashews, urad dal (lentils), chana dal (husked chickpeas), onion, ginger and extra herbs and spices. Sugar may be added for a mildly sweet and savoury dish.

This steaming hot breakfast dish may be made vegan by using oil rather than ghee. filled with warmth, flavour and deliciousness, this upma tastes so good. So why not take a chance from that boring oatmeal and check out something new? You can’t lose!

The main element in any upma dish is rava. Also called ‘suji‘ in Hindi and ‘cream of wheat’ or ‘semolina’ in English, it’s simply granulated wheat.

What really makes an upma breakfast dish unusual are all the fried elements that are used for tempering. These ingredients can vary looking on the recipe but usually include some sweet, savoury and nutty flavours.

Upma may be a traditional breakfast served in restaurants throughout South India, including Maharashtra. it’s also a typical breakfast prepared in South Indian homes. In fact, upma was a daily breakfast or evening snack in my house while growing up.

Foods that Start with U #18. Umami Burger

Umami may be a distinct flavour profile – other than sweet, sour, salty, and bitter – that may best be described as savoury, incredibly flavorful, and indescribably delicious.

This dish has umami in spades! We begin with a miso-marinated beef burger topped with all the fixings on a baked brioche bun. It’s paired with Parmesan sweet potato wedges for that extraordinary something.



I think you now know 17+ foods that start with U. Although the list of foods starting with U does not end here, there are many other foods that start with U. And I promise you that soon we are going to enlarge this list further.

If there is any food item in your mind that starts with U, please share it with us in the comment box below. We will try hard to add it to this list soon.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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